Sunday, January 30, 2011

two weeks worth of informational update

Hello to all from the cool southern part of the US.

It has not been easy finding internet access to post to our blog, so this one will be for two weeks so I will be doing two weeks' worth of information.

Words of Wisdom:  When bringing slide-outs in on  your RV after a rain storm, one should make sure hubby is not under the awning – one could get drenched!   Ken did – I did not realize he was under the awning pulling out the blocks from under the jacks and he was totally immersed by cold rain water.  I did not know the slide-out awning could hold so much water.

2011 Linda & Julie - annual picture
Visited my best friend (since 1970) who just moved into The Villages.  She and Tom have a lovely home – in fact, with what she has decorated it could pass as a model.  She has done a great job.   Since it is a golf cart community, Tom purchased a new golf cart, bright yellow (tractor yellow) and we rode around the area looking over the new homes.  Quite an active community.  We had looked there before at homes.  Tom and Linda  will be making FL their permanent residence in a year or so.  It was so good to see them.  

While in The Villages we stopped in to see members of our church, Patty & Thom Snyder but they were not home – they were still in PA and due down til February.

Arriving at Dantzler UMC, Pastor David saw to it that we were kept busy.  Isn’t that why we are here? 

Here are some of the projects Ken and I worked on...a new security system for the church, framing an existing window and painting, wiring an electrical outlet.

Ken installing a security system in the church

Window before framing
Ken cutting to fit window
Ken measuring to make sure it fits
Almost fits
Just about done

Julie putting finishing touches by painting


How many Methodist men does it take to change a lightbulb? 
Two...the Pastor and a volunteer (Ken).  Ken had to add an extension to the wire to replace the light bulb.

We visited with Callee and Ernest while we were here – they were the couple whose house we worked on the last three years.  Callee’s breast cancer is still there, she is not going through any radiation or chemotherapy – she is taking morphine for the pain to keep comfortable.  Her faith is quite strong and she said when the good Lord is ready for her, she is ready.  She does not feel that chemo or radiation are for her.  So please pray for her and for Ernest.  Ernest fell off a ladder and hurt his hip and is now walking around with a cane.  They are both in their late 70’s.

Pastor David & Sandra - as we say good-bye

An interesting decorating concept Moss Point has is decorating trees for the holidays with bottles.  Here is a picture of one of the more elaborate ones.

Bottle decorations
We are on our way to Galveston.  There is one volunteer mission group left in Galveston so we will be working with them. 

Until next week (hopefully).

Keep warm and safe,
Julie & Ken

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last week of 'vacation' before our Mission Work

Hello to all,

Most of you are suffering with the cold and we are so sorry.

We had a wonderful day (13th) to spend with our friends, Dixie & Rea.  This was another birthday we were able to celebrate with Dixie.  We have been doing this for many years – a tradition.

On Friday, we were out doing some shopping and noticed an RV with 4 black vehicles, 2 in back, 2 in front.  We later learned Jimmy Carter was vacationing in the Keys, so we think this may have been his RV with secret service staff.  We went to Key West for their Seafood Fest but never saw him.

We will be leaving the Keys on Monday and heading to MS with a stop in Ocala, FL to visit my best friend (since 1970).  They just bought a house in The Villages and we will visit with them and on to our mission work.

The weather today (Sunday) was 83 degrees!  What a change from what we had last week.  But next week it will turn cooler again.  Stay tuned.

Keep warm,

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Week ending January 9, 2011

Happy New Year to all,

We spent New Year’s Eve at Olive Garden and came home to the safety of our home-away-from home.  We did not even make it to see the new year arrive.  Are we getting old, or what?

Our travels this week has been relatively calm with the exception of some rain outside of Nashville.  The temps, however, have been in the 20’s.  Our only challenges are where do we find the cheapest gas.  

We have gotten as low as $2.94 and as high as $3.15 per gallon.

Brother, Jim and wife, Melissa
Nephew, Jeremy

 We stopped overnight in Manchester, TN to visit my brother and his family (see photos).
Niece, Jessica and boyfriend, Juan (John)

 and the next night we stopped overnight in Chattanooga, TN and had dinner with our daughter, Karen.
This was at the campground in Manchester, TN - they were not afraid to put this out there for everyone to see!

We are currently camped in Palmetto, FL where we celebrated  Russian Christmas with my family…lots of food (no meat, all veggies).

We will be leaving here on Wednesday to celebrate Dixie’s birthday with her on the 13th.  Stay tuned.

Have a great week.