Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10, 2007


Well, here we are – heading home - not the way we wanted to though.

We started out from Caldwell, TX visiting friends, had a lovely dinner at their ranch and were ready to start our trek home. We were heading north to Longview, TX to visit Ken’s step-sister and the RV started to sputter and cough and back-fire. We pulled over in a large parking lot and the RV died. It would start but when you put it into drive it would quit. Roadside assistance came to our rescue and towed us about 30 miles to a campground where we had a campsite for the evening. The young man from Duncan Towing crawled under the RV to drop the drive shaft so the RV could be towed. It was quite scary following him, watching our RV being towed.

We are currently awaiting mobile service to come to us to repair it. Ken’s step-sister, Maggie, stopped in to visit with us on her way to Dallas for spring break with her two children.

That is all for now – not sure when we will see y’all. Keep praying for our safe journey home.
julie and ken

Friday, March 02, 2007

March Lion

Ernest & Callee’s front door – before and after

This was our last week in MS. Our final project at Ernest & Callee’s was the front door. As I mentioned, it was in terrible shape. Ken drew up a sketch for Ernest and he was so excited about it. He always wanted a door with side lights. They were very expensive because of the tempered glass and door. We avoided using tempered glass because the glass was not close to the ground. Ernest said that this weekend he was going to put brick on the bottom half to beautify it. So much we could tell you about our mission trip here, but I would be writing a dissertation. They are still in dire need of help and materials.

Ernest & Callee were so appreciative that Ernest deep-fried a turkey for us. We are going to enjoy it with the pastor and his family. When Callee brought it over it was still hot and smelled sooooooo good!

We were under a tornado watch/warning most of yesterday. A tornado had touched down about 15 miles from where we are.

We met with Ken’s previous secretary today for lunch. She lives in Rockwall, TX and was visiting her daughter in Woolmarket, MS – about 20 miles from us. It was good to see her and catch up on where the last three years have gone.

We will be leaving to go to TX on Saturday and visit with friends there. We plan on heading home on the 11th – hopefully, between storms or with no storms at all.

That is all for this update.

Julie & Ken