Sunday, January 09, 2011

Week ending January 9, 2011

Happy New Year to all,

We spent New Year’s Eve at Olive Garden and came home to the safety of our home-away-from home.  We did not even make it to see the new year arrive.  Are we getting old, or what?

Our travels this week has been relatively calm with the exception of some rain outside of Nashville.  The temps, however, have been in the 20’s.  Our only challenges are where do we find the cheapest gas.  

We have gotten as low as $2.94 and as high as $3.15 per gallon.

Brother, Jim and wife, Melissa
Nephew, Jeremy

 We stopped overnight in Manchester, TN to visit my brother and his family (see photos).
Niece, Jessica and boyfriend, Juan (John)

 and the next night we stopped overnight in Chattanooga, TN and had dinner with our daughter, Karen.
This was at the campground in Manchester, TN - they were not afraid to put this out there for everyone to see!

We are currently camped in Palmetto, FL where we celebrated  Russian Christmas with my family…lots of food (no meat, all veggies).

We will be leaving here on Wednesday to celebrate Dixie’s birthday with her on the 13th.  Stay tuned.

Have a great week.


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