Thursday, March 29, 2012

Heading Home

Our trip is fast approaching the end.  We traveled to visit with Ken’s previous secretary, Jackie and her family in Dallas.   Unfortunately, Jackie’s granddaughter was admitted into ICU and we were not able to have our yearly visit.  Prayers go out to Kensley, who is less than a year old and has leukemia.

Onward we went north to visit with my sister, Helen, her husband, Mike, and our nephew, Blake.  Blake is in a play this week and is very excited about it.  He has also become an avid fisherman – where ever there is water, he takes his fishing pole.  He called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me he was starting a blog on ‘fishing tips’ and asked me for some so he could put them on his blog.  Me, who always had to have someone bait my hook and take off the fish, give him tips.  So, I ‘googled’ tips and gave them to him.  Ever since Helen and Mike went to a cottage on the lake, Blake cannot seem to get enough fishing.  My brother, George and his wife, also arrived to visit with Mom. 

Helen, George, Julie & mom in front at Rehab Center in IL

We meandered our way back south to Arkansas to babysit our great-nephew and great-niece.  Our middle great-nephew (Keifer) was having testing done at the Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, AR  which is about four hours away.  My niece, Aly, has waited all year for this appointment and we told her we would babysit the oldest and youngest.  Austin is 11 and Airyanna is 4 (she was born on Leap Year Day, Feb 29).   We took everyone to putt-putt golf and the two youngest, Keifer and Airyanna each got a hole in one!  And they beat us with their final scores!  We all did a hold in one eventually, but not until we took a ribbing from the young ones.  We also went to their baseball practices a couple of times and played in the park.  It brought back memories of when Karen (our daughter) was young – she (like Airyanna) just could not get enough of swinging and the trampoline. 
Alyanna & Austin playing Putt-Putt

Airyanna playing Put-Putt

Keifer lining up for a putt

Airyanna & Ken on the trampoline

As I post this, we are beginning our trek home and leaving temperatures of high 80’s.  We will pick up our “rolling condo” in IL at my sister’s home.  It seems like we have been gone a long time this year – it will be good to get home.

See ya’ll when we get home.


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