Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last week of 'vacation' before our Mission Work

Hello to all,

Most of you are suffering with the cold and we are so sorry.

We had a wonderful day (13th) to spend with our friends, Dixie & Rea.  This was another birthday we were able to celebrate with Dixie.  We have been doing this for many years – a tradition.

On Friday, we were out doing some shopping and noticed an RV with 4 black vehicles, 2 in back, 2 in front.  We later learned Jimmy Carter was vacationing in the Keys, so we think this may have been his RV with secret service staff.  We went to Key West for their Seafood Fest but never saw him.

We will be leaving the Keys on Monday and heading to MS with a stop in Ocala, FL to visit my best friend (since 1970).  They just bought a house in The Villages and we will visit with them and on to our mission work.

The weather today (Sunday) was 83 degrees!  What a change from what we had last week.  But next week it will turn cooler again.  Stay tuned.

Keep warm,


Blogger Sallilou said...

Keep updating on the mission work too!! This month is going by much too fast, but stay warm. Love the pics.. Sally

6:23 AM  

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