Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Hello all,

This Monday was our final work day for this Mission trip.  We had volunteers from Flordia,  Alabama,  and Ohio.  A total of 20, but only 8 at our site.  We accomplished quite a bit, finished wood laminate flooring and installed base molding in both bedrooms,   grouted tile in the bathroom, cut the kitchen countertop and installed the kitchen sink, and put final coats of paint on the exterior doors.

Ken & volunteer cutting out for sink

Ken laying laminate floor

Kitchen getting ready to cut countertop
Ceramic done!

Volunteer laying flooring in bedroom

Volunteer installing trim

Group that helped with flooring, ceramic, etc.
As we left the site for the last time, we said good-bye to those we have worked with and enjoyed being a part of their lives.  We have finished our recovery work for this winter and have been asked to come back.  But, as we told them, we are not sure what disaster we will be sent to next year.

We said hello to people at Dantzler UMC in Moss Point, MS where we enjoyed a Lenten dinner with friends we have made over the years.  Seafood Casserole was the meal of the evening.  Azaleas are mostly in full bloom – there has been no winter here either.    

Sandra & Pastor David Greer
We made our annual trek to visit with Ernest & Callee and found out that Ernest was in the hospital where he had his leg partially removed.   Callee said he was a bit down and we asked if we could visit him and she said he would probably enjoy that.  When he saw us his eyes lit up and he wanted to jump out of the bed with joy.  He was so thrilled that we took the time to come to the hospital to visit with him.  He said he was sorry he was there and wouldn’t be able to deep fry us a turkey – we told him next time.  Callee is still suffering with her cancer and she says there are days it is unbearable.

We took a side trip along the coast to Biloxi to see the rebuilding.  A lot of the homes that were destroyed on the shore are for sale.  Of course, the casinos are being rebuilt right on the beach – what a sad sight to see – the beautiful white beaches with these huge buildings on them.  The lots where once stood beautiful southern mansions, are now vacant.  The once beautiful spreading live oak trees are diseased and dying from the salt water infusion.

Next we traveled to Beaumont, TX where we met Pastor Billy & his wife, Dawn, and caught up with their lives.  Pastor Billy and Dawn left Galveston and moved to Beaumont, TX to be near their son and granddaughter, after monies ran out in the Galveston area for rebuilding and his previous church could not continue to pay his salary.  He has started a new church called, “The Gathering” in Beaumont, TX.  We reminisced about our days in rebuilding Galveston and how much fun we had and that we did make a difference.

Dawn & Pastor Billy Graff
As we continue to drive to our next stop, Dallas, the wisteria are in full bloom!  What beautiful lilac colors.  We are also on the lookout for bluebonnets, the state flower, which emits a delicious aroma – a fragrance so strong that a patch can give you an instant headache.

Wisteria in full bloom

Wisteria & BLUE BONNETS! (in front)

Azaleas blooming

See ya'll soon.

julie & ken


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