Monday, April 02, 2012

Home again

Hello to all,

Most of you know we are HOME!
It sure seemed like a longer time this year.

We left my sister's home and temps in the 70s...we got home and it was snowing in Girard!

Helen, Blake & Julie in Milford, IL
Many of you at church may remember my sister and Blake.  Helen used to be the crib room attendant and Blake was in Sunday School.  They used to live less than five miles from us - now it is over 500 miles.  I miss having her around here.

We do have our weeping cherry that has bloomed and our grape hyacinths that are just beautiful!
Welcome spring!

Our next mission trip will be to the Susquehanna Valley in PA in June.  Keep posted for further pictures as we lead a team from Asbury on this flooding disaster.  And they call us Disaster Junkies!

Blessings to all for a blessed Easter and remember why He died for us!

Julie & Ken