Sunday, February 05, 2012

Update from Tuscaloosa, AL

Hello to all,

We arrived in Tuscaloosa, AL and began to work on Wednesday.  We are at a campground about ten miles from our job site.  The area we are working is a subdivision called Druid Hills.  All the homes in this subdivision were completely destroyed.  Most of the debris has been removed, and all that is left of the homes is the concrete slabs.  The house we are working on belongs to an elderly woman, handicapped and very sweet.  This house is nearing completion, most of the exterior work is done, all that remains is some siding, the porch steps, railing, and a handicap ramp.  The interior is all studded out, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are installed. We are currently waiting for the HVAC inspection before we can start insulating and putting up dry wall.

Ken and I were initially assigned to building a set of exterior steps for the front porch.  It took Ken and I
two days to complete from measuring to cutting to nailing, etc.  My first set of steps – Ken has done this before.  Ken and another worker started to attach them to the porch and got rained out.  While Ken was working with the steps, I worked with 3 other women wrapping siding around a window and nailing into place.  I worked on organizing the UMCOR  Construction trailer…it was quite a mess…but I will get it in order.  My other task has been keeping the work site cleaned up.

Ken cutting steps

Ken adjusting step

Julie admiring the steps they made together


More devastation
The house next door is very close to completion, it is a project that volunteers from Samaritan’s Purse are working on.  This week there was a team of 15 from Northeast/Harborcreek, PA!  It was quite a surprise to find another team from our area.  When we met the team, we also found out that a team from Weis Library in Erie was working with Samaritan’s Purse just last week!  On Friday, there were putting final touches on this house and will have an open house and dedication next week.

This Sunday we went to  the First United Methodist Church of Tuscaloosa contemporary service, called “The Bridge” – it was the youth program – WOW! What energy!  They even had fog machines.  We have been asked to come to Wednesday night activities:  dinner, Bible study, etc.  It is a buffet and they charge $6 per person, but we will be the pastor’s guests on Wednesday. 

Contemporary Service ("The Bridge") - note fog machine

Praise band - note 'living room' furniture

Next week a team of 7 from York, PA will be here to help insulate and start sheetrock work.  Ken will be working on the deck railing and maybe start working on a 37’ handicap ramp.  I will also be picking out the flooring and tile next week.

More pictures and update coming next weekend.

Blessings to all,
julie & ken


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