Saturday, June 19, 2010

email from Julie

Here is the third email I received:

It is Saturday morning 10:22 a.m. I made breakfast for everyone today - eggs, toast, kielbasi, poppy seed rolls, coffee, juice and yogurt...they were all very appreciative and did not go away hungry. Today is a 'free' day...we are supposed to go to a cultural play this evening (in Russian) should be interesting. Tomorrow we are going to the church of Hope to People and then get on a train to go to Slovakia...overnight sleeper and car...some unrest going on...we have been told it will be about 4-5 hours to get through immigration/customs and me with a passport that they weren't crazy about when I entered into the country. Our next week will be almost total isolation...the nearest village is about 40 miles away...we shall see. Souvenirs are quite expensive.

I am getting tired of chicken and buckwheat! We have had it every day, every meal for the last four days! When I saw it last night, I lost my cookies and had to leave the table...YUK! My stomach is killing me - leaping frogs! I never remember BABA serving so much of the same thing. And that blasted juice they served was cleaning out my system...which makes it ache! So when I hang up here I'm going back to my room and lay down...I have not slept well in the last five days either.

One of the women here came into our bedroom wearing strong perfume which also did not help. So between my head and my stomach I am feeling pretty lousy.

One of the men fell down the stairs this morning, I blew out three fuses making breakfast and today it is raining.

I will be glad to get home...but of course, we have an extra two hours of flight time we will be traveling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken, sounds like Julie will be very ready to come home. If I was you I wouldn'be fixin and chickin!!


1:58 PM  

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