Saturday, June 19, 2010

Email from Julie

Here is the first email I received from Julie:

We have arrived - not sure how many other times I will be able to use the do not respond back unless you can take a chance with our roadrunner where I can check.

Had a rocky flight from Pgh to Munich it was very cramped...I was 3 rows from the back...and squished and uncomfortable...then a puddle jumper from Munich to Lviv where I was having trouble getting through picture was too light to their satisfaction...they said I needed a hotel address not a church address...everyone got through except me and the policewoman argued with the officer that it was ok...she said no...spent 20 minutes to get luggage was not with the rest of the group...but it did arrive before we left the airport...I peeled 3-20 pound bags of potatoes...washed dishes for 60 people, three far chicken has been served every meal...even breakfast...corn for supper with has been interesting...our restaurant yesterday afternoon was good...military men with guns, guarding the door and then giving you a shot of honey vodka...piroghy, mushroom soup and was dreary today...rain


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