Sunday, March 07, 2010

Week #5

The weather has turned chilly again – we had a nice weekend of the 60’s.

We spent Sunday in Kemah, TX about 30 miles north of Galveston and met our nieces (the ones we have not seen in over 25 years) and had a great time getting to know each other again.

                           Ken, Julie, Jolin (back row); front row:  Moe & Amanda
Well, we were told we would be getting new assignments. The only change was that I worked two days in the UMCOR office organizing the ‘big boss’. Note to Judi: We were offered a job to stay here.

Ken has been working at Mr. Abraham’s house concreting, putting knobs on cabinets, insulating, putting up studs for the shower and helping out the plumber. Ken also put over 250 miles on the SUV delivering materials and checking on the other job sites. There are approximately 10 active job sites in various stages of rebuilding. This week, we finished up on one of the sites. All we need now is the final inspections and then we can turn over the keys to the homeowner. This will be the first house completed since we arrived in early February.

We are having a Mexican buffet put on by three churches in the area this week. They planned on feeding about 150 people! Needless to say, there were about 100 of us so we had leftovers the next day for supper. The temperature was chilly again - in the 40’s. BRRRRRRRRRRrrr.

Ken continues to work on Fridays & Saturdays with the pastor we worked with last year. They have been working on tile in the bathroom and shelving in the closets.

One of the things Ken remembered about Galveston, when he visited several years ago, was the 1000’s of Live Oak trees that lined the boulevard that formed a canopy as you drove into the city. These were planted after the devastating hurricane of 1900, so many of these trees were a century old. When Hurricane Ike flooded the island with salt water, it killed these old oak trees. Last year when we were here, the city was trying to save them by flooding the soil around the trees with fresh water in an attempt to flush out all the salt from the soil. In the end, the city had to cut down all these trees. They have been grinding the remains into mulch continuously while we have been here. Here is a picture of the mulching operation. Now the streets are lined with tall Palm trees, I guess it is more tropical, but certainly not as picturesque.

                                         Live oaks being ground into mulch.

A picture of our RV park where we are staying with the NOMADS, a Mennonite family, an UMCOR 'boss' and us.  Quite packed.

We will close this update with a beautiful sunset we witnessed a few nights ago.

Ken & Julie


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