Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Update for month of January 2010

Hello to all,

Since our last update, we vacationed in my friend, Janet’s condo, in Cape Canaveral, a week before the shuttle take-off. We were under thunderstorm alerts and tornado alerts. In fact, a tornado touched down a few miles south of our location.

Our son (Tim) and his wife (Kat) came over for a day before they left for CA. He has a new job that he must start on February 1 and they were driving over.

                                            Kat, Tim & Ken

Our friends (and Ken’s best friend from 4th grade), Gregg & Betsy, stayed with us at the condo. We left after a relaxing week and drove back to my brother’s in Bradenton. We were going to IL to take my mother to her new home near my sister. But plans changed- Mom decided she was not ready to go to IL, so she is currently staying with my brother, George and his wife, Sherry for a few months.

                                          Betsy, Julie, Ken, Gregg (seated)

We visited with a friend (Linda) of mine (since 1970). Linda and I worked together at Greenleaf Corp. in Saegertown.  We have so many stories we reminisced planning, dragging her daughter, Gina, everywhere with us (in a little green VW bug) seat belts and Gina is still with us!  We can never seem to get together up north (she lives in Meadville), but we do manage a few hours here in FL. It was great to see her and Tom. It is funny how you start traditions…we went to the Belleview Pizza Restaurant when we began meeting in FL and continue to do so today.

                                                    Linda & Julie

While in Moss Point, Ken built a beautiful TV cabinet for the church. A previous church member donated the TV and it had been sitting on a table,  just waiting for Ken to build a cabinet for it. I helped Sandra in the office setting up a couple database programs and inputting data. It was a great time. Dantzler will always be our family.

       Ken & Pastor David with the
       finished product.

      Ken drilling holes into cabinet

We also visited Callee and Ernest Young. They were the couple that was our last project a couple of years ago. It is always a pleasure to see them. They were so excited to see us. Ernest told us the next time we come we are to let him know ahead of time so he can deep fry a turkey for us. They are very Christian people. Callee was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has decided not to undergo surgery or radiation or chemo. She said the good Lord will take care of her and if it is her time to go, then she will meet her Maker with open arms. Keep Callee in your prayers.

We are on our way to Galveston, with a stop over in Houston. More when we get there.

Blessings and peace,
julie & ken


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