Sunday, March 21, 2010

almost home

Hi all,

On our way out of Galveston, we stopped to visit with Jackie & Steve in Rockwall, TX. Jackie was Ken’s secretary for many years at TI. It was a good day for a visit and we met friends of theirs who were also RVing from Illinois. Jackie made a very tasty supper of roast.

Steve, Jackie, Pat & Delaney
We then visited with my niece, Aly and her family in Van Buren, AR. Our newest addition, Airyanna, who is now 2 has Ken wrapped around her little finger…just like her mother did when she was living with us. She is blond, blue-eyed and has Angelina Jolie lips and uses them to her advantage. Airyanna is 3’ tall and for being two years old, the pediatrician says she will be 6’ tall when she grows up! Aly says she is spoiled, but it is because she the last one and her brothers adore her and take care of her, even to the extent of playing dolls with her and having tea parties. She is quite intelligent for a two year old. Austin, our nephew who was the little one I helped delivered at birth, is up to my shoulders and wants to be a football player for the Dallas Cowboys. Keifer, the middle child is just a cuddly, loving and sensitive boy and not growing as fast, but still a cutie and want to be a football player with the Chargers. Keifer is quite artistic (takes after his aunt). They have moved into a new home which is quite nice and roomy. Mike, Aly’s husband, continues to work with Haliburton on the oil rigs…goes out onto the rigs for 7 days and off for 2 days. Quite a tough schedule for a young family.

family photo
Alyanna, Mike, Keifer, Airyanna & Austin

Airyanna & Uncle Ken - adorable

   Aunt "Sis" & Airyanna - can you imagine this identical pose - Ken caught it perfectly!
We took a day and went ‘diamond’ hunting. We were wondering why there was not much traffic going to the Diamond Crater and found out that the second biggest diamond was found the day before we got there and everyone was there hoping to find another. It was packed! We did not find a diamond but did find a ‘conglomerate’, barite, jasper, volcanic rock and a geode with crystals. It was just like a kid – digging in dirt!

We visited with our daughter, Karen, near Chattanooga, TN. She took us hiking to some beautiful waterfalls.   Karen and Ken are too adventureous for me - they both thought it would be great to hang of the side of the cliffs to take pictures.  Karen lives on top of Signal Mountain which is quite curvy and many switchbacks! I was a bit nauseated when we got there. Karen had made up a “daddy-do” list. Her house she is renting is an old log cabin built in the 1800’s…quite rustic and very nice…anyone that knows me, knows that I have always wanted a log cabin.

One of the waterfalls Ken was hanging over the edge to take

Another beautiful shot of the waterfalls

Karen 'hanging' over the edge before she got a picture of a waterfall

Karen's new home - built in the 1800's

Family photo

An end to a wonderful three months in the 'warmer' weather.
See ya'll soon~


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