Saturday, June 19, 2010

email from Julie

Here is the second email I received:

A group were heading down to the internet cafe so I tagged along - it is 21:38 (9:38)...we just got back to the dorm from working all I got dishpan hands...shrivled...washed down all the walls in the kitchen and ante room and dish room...ugh! Then washed down 3 cabinets, scrubbed the floors. I got to work with the kids for a bit yesterday trying to teach them was quite comical...I was using my Slovak and their Ukraine was similar and we had some chuckles because of how I pronounced the word...came out wrong way and they laughed...they love having their pictures taken...everyone loves to have their pictures you can imagine I have used a lot of pictures.

Breakfast was buckwheat meal with chicken and gravy over it...yuk! Lunch was potato soup which was excellent and noodles and ground fine pork and hamburg. Supper was mashed potatoes and fried bologna...interesting meals. Needless to say my stomach has not been too good...oh yes, kielbasia at every meal and fresh green, red and yellow green peppers and tomatoes for EVERY meal, breakfast included. No soda or milk...just this juice called 'birch juice' which is sap from a birch tree...interesting...they say it is good for the digestive system...I'm not sure, but I just cannot acquire a taste for it...I'm hoping to stop at a store on our walk home and get a soda.

We don't get to bed much before 11:00 and are up by is an hour ride to the camp and we don't leave until after 8:30 to get home.

The scenery is beautiful...just like home...the people are quite 'roomies' are a is very bossy. Karen and Judy are the others in my room. There is a boy here who is our interpretor and he calls me "Yula-anna"...I thought you would get a chuckle out of that.

Well, gotta go walk back to the dorm with the group - it is about a 15 minute walk.


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