Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our last week in Galveston

Hello ya'll ~

Our last week proved to be successful – we completed 3 houses to the point where the homeowners could move in.

Prior to Mr. Abraham’s moving in, Ken was checking the grout on the kitchen floor, grabbed the stove handle and got shocked. After checking, he found there were 100 volts to ground so he had to take the stove out and correct the wiring problem in the socket. That was a shocking situation.

A happy Mr. Abraham

Ken had another plumbing job – just to finish out the six weeks here. He has been trying to get a handicapped shower installed for Mr. Abraham. The plumber did not do a good job – the shower knobs would not fit into the shower so Ken had to ‘fix it’. My suggestion has been to get rid of this plumber and find another one who is more competent.

Then the door on the other shower was creating havoc – it just would not line up. Quite frustrating. As Ken was trying to finish up, I was cleaning Mr. Abraham’s entire house of sawdust and dirt. One of the Mennonite boys was helping doing odds and ends and helped Ken move Mr. Abraham’s furniture into his rooms…it looks quite cozy now and he is so excited!

Ken adjusting the problem shower

Ken had been running around doing deliveries for 3 homes. The other couple which were also Construction Supervisors left for Michigan via the desert and CA. So we were the ones doing most of the running around.

As is customary with each group that comes through the doors at Crockett UMC, we made a poster of our travels from Girard to Galveston.

The weather was rainy, chilly and foggy...to the point that you could not see more than 50 feet in front of you. Quite dangerous driving. In fact, it was like that for 3 days straight.

One foggy morning this was all you could see!

This is a sight we saw every morning on our way to work ~ trucks bringing in rocks to shore up the damaged Seawall.

Our ‘boss’ gave us a very nice ‘agape love’ gift…a cross in the shape of a hammer and saw – because Jesus was a carpenter and that is what we were ‘carpenters’.

We met many people, made many friends and found out new religious beliefs – they are really not much different than ours – we believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the Bible. There are a few different ideas, but basically we are all believers.

We are in transit to home and baring any weather problems we should be home before Easter.

Our last sunrise in Galveston – the promise of the Resurrection.


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