Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hello from a group of tired workers!

12 gallons of white ceiling paint...17 gallons of champagne wall paint...and one bathroom and 2 closets left to do tomorrow...a total of 10 rooms...then the beginning of the outside painting!

The temperature was 89 with a heat index of 98! Plenty of water has been distributed for the thirsty bodies of the mission workers.

Ken painting one wall.

Joel taking a break from the heat.

Bob and his painting skills...cutting in is always a treat.

Joel painting.

This is why Rachel has so much paint in her hair...Willis cutting in.

Chuck standing next to his project.

Ken and Chuck put this door up in Pastor Billy's home as a divider...beautiful...and finished.

Here we are at Pastor Billy & Dawn's home. We BBQ'd angus burgers on his new grill.

Everyone had a great time...stories were BOUNTIFUL! We laughed until our tummies hurt.

The men are exhausted...they seem to be going to bed early each night. They also think they have gained weight...I have told them they are sweating it off.

More tomorrow.

julie & the team


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