Friday, March 18, 2011

Last update

Hello all,

We left KOA in Abilene, TX and 39 degrees on March 6.  It took us THREE (3) days to finally get out of the state of Texas.

We revisited my niece, Alyanna and her family, made home-made lasagna, played with the children.  They convinced us to play Kinect(X-BOX)where we played white water rafting.  Ken and I felt like we had been  to exercise class.  They are tougher than they look – but fun.  The kids sure enjoyed it.

Leaving AR and heading to Chattanooga, thunderstorms were predicted for our travels with hail in some areas.  The cold front hit that evening.  It is quite beautiful – the trees are just trying to bud out, the crocus are out and daffodils and my allergies are in full  swing!

Received news from a friend of our in Wilkes-Barre and she had to be evacuated because of the rains in NY.  There is a creek near her house which has begun to flood and it will come to the point where she will be stranded so she headed up the mountain for safety.  Prayers for her (Barbara).

A pleasant stop was to visit with our daughter while in Chattanooga.  It was beautiful on top of Signal Mountain.  Karen is now on her way to Baja, Mexico.
A co-worker that was involved in  Event and Party Planning with me when I worked Fluor Corp. was on our visitation list.  We did our annual “Carrabas dinner” and had a great time catching up with her and her little boy.

Ellen & Julie
Ides of March brought us to my sister, Helen’s, house.  Many of you remember Helen when she was the Nursery Attendant at the church and her son, Blake, who was in Sunday School and her husband, Mike.  We were quite busy.  We visited Heritage Woods where my mother will be living and got things together so she could be there in May.  Helen volunteers at The Angel Closet, which is a thrift store, and I went for the morning which was quite nice – the people that came in were a delight to talk to.  All purchases are done by donation.  The lady who runs it only needs enough to pay the rent and electric of the building.  A great service to the community.

Helen, Blake & Julie

We spent St. Patrick’s Day by celebrating our anniversary with my sister and her family and her in-laws.  We went to a great pizza place called Monicals. 

We plan on being home on late Saturday, March 19.  HOORAY!

See ya'll soon,
julie & ken


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