Sunday, February 11, 2007

February 12, 2007

Went to choir practice on Sunday and was invited to sing on Sunday with them. I told them I would just like to practice and sit with my husband on Sunday. One older choir member said that it was probably best because there are a lot of ‘single older women’ that would be interested in finding a man sitting by themselves. Beware Ken!

We were invited out to lunch on Sunday with the ‘singles’ group…no one was under the age of 70! I told Ken he had nothing to worry about if these were the women the choir warned me about. They are just sweet little older ladies…kind of like Kay Franz & Millie Phillips.

We finished up with Valerie’s house on Saturday and are now on a house in Moss Point for a Thelma Johnson. We are hanging doors and putting trim around the doors. We put in a front door which took the whole day! Nothing is square and we had to use a lot of shims through the house.

I “measured twice and cut once” on a piece of baseboard – I was so excited that I did it by myself. I also put in door stops and did a lot of caulking with “2 x 4 “ caulk. Monday we should finish up with the storm door and putting on hardware on a couple more doors and then onto another project.

The man across the street, Ernest, came over and asked how he could get us to help him. He said that Ms. Johnson says we do good work and he needed help. I told him to contact the church and see what they could do for him. He is in worse shape than Ms. Johnson…his back part of the house has burlap hanging to keep the elements out. There is still so much to do and not enough people to help out.

We drove to the Gulfport & Biloxi area yesterday and was surprised that not much has been done there – the homes have been torn down, most of the debris has been taken away but there is just vacant ground. If they are building, they have to build higher than the storm surge – everyone that has built, their houses are on stilts.

The weather has turned chilly again. We enjoyed 70’s throughout the week but the weekend has turned cooler (50’s).

Keep warm.

julie & ken


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1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ken and Julie,
Can't figure out this blog thing to get a message to you so I will try this. Roger's sister and brother-in-law are in Moss Point this week (starting Feb 12) and wondered if you might run into them. Shirley and Paul Colon from Wauseon, Ohio, with their church group (first Christian Church, Wauseon). Say "howdy" if you meet up with them!
Sharon Pike

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Hey guys! Sounds like you are doing such wonderful work down there. Sure do miss you. Let's try to set up our "camping" trip for when you're in transit back to PA!

1:08 PM  

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