Sunday, March 19, 2006

Update # ? (can't remember anymore) - days are flying!


The days seem to run into each other and it is hard to remember what we have been doing. We come home exhausted, but with a feeling of fulfillment.

This is Mrs. Finklea!

This is Ken's Flooring Crew (notice they are two women!
Last Sunday we went out to lunch with Pastor David Greer and his lovely wife, Sandra. Cracker Barrel was their choice and we had a lovely lunch and a wonderful time getting to know them even more. That evening we were treated to a Songfest! What beautiful voices – there was a man who sounded exactly like Willie Nelson (and he doesn’t care for Willie either). I was asked to go to choir practice and sing on Sunday but after hearing all the talent, I knew I was out of my league!

Ken continues to work at Mrs. Finklea’s home. I helped him prime the closets with Kilz and then painted them. Ken finished doing the last of the touching up and putting in the a/c filter and told Mrs. Finklea that he was done. She asked Ken if the church would let him put in the flooring in if she got it…Ken checked and found out he was on the flooring installation. It is a lovely Armstrong interlocking floor. Ken had two women working with him and they finished three bedrooms. Mrs. Finklea was so excited to get into her bedroom. We put up sheets to cover her windows, but she didn’t care – she was in her room. She told me her faith was what kept her strong and knew that the Lord above sent us (especially Ken) to help her finally get into her home. She continues to look for things to keep Ken there.

We just got back from measuring the rest of her house for flooring. She has decided that she wants her den, living room and hallway done in the wood flooring. We know where Ken will be this week.

Ken spent a day and half cementing posts and putting up a fence for a woman who had a tree fall on it. She wanted the original fence, although it didn’t look too sturdy, Ken put it back up for her (with the help of two college boys).

We celebrated our 14th Anniversary on Thursday and had lunch with a group of new ‘friends’ from Oletha, KS. The city of Oletha, KS has adopted Moss Point and they donated a fire truck and six police cars to Moss Point so we were invited to their picnic of beans and franks and potato chips to celebrate!

I continue to work in the office trying to keep organization of all the volunteers. I go out with Ken in the morning and come back and work in the office in the afternoons. Pastor David is so excited about his spreadsheet and all the information on it, he is looking for ways to use this information. In fact, the Bishop wanted information on everyone that has come through these doors, along with church names and Pastor David was so elated that he could just print out the information and send it the next morning. In fact, I had it printed for him within the hour and he was addressing the envelope to send it out. He said this was the first time he didn’t have to look for information to send to the Bishop – it was at his fingertips!

We are becoming known as the ‘camp hosts’ as we greet everyone that comes in on Saturday. That is all for this week ~

Julie & Ken


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