Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spring coming early? February 4, 2007

Happy Ground Hog’s Day – I heard Punxy Phil did not see his shadow so spring is in the near future ~ how reliable is a groundhog?

We arrived in Moss Point, MS on Saturday, January 27, 2007. It has been cold here – of course, not as cold as PA! A couple of nights we got down in the 30’s and it has been raining the last couple of days.

We have been working with a woman named Valarie putting in doors, base trim and crown molding. The crown molding was not like last year where it was in a pile for all the rooms. This was new crown molding and we cut to size. What a change from last year. Valarie had just gotten out of the hospital and is off work for six weeks. She has been very excited that we have come to help her out. In fact, if we need anything, she immediately calls her brother to get what we need. Her mother comes over each day and gives me a hug – she is so appreciative that we are here to help her daughter. Flat Taylor is also enjoying the electric nailer!

One day this past week it rained too hard to work outdoors, so we worked around the church and replaced fluorescent lights. In Ken’s spare time, he is building an entertainment unit for the Youth Room. The Youth Director was so excited that someone could build her one. Ken has been working on it each night til late and has been working on it today (Saturday). It looks really nice.

We visited with Mrs. Finklea (the lady that we worked with last year) and she and her daughter said they want us to come back so she can bake us a pecan pie! She kept telling her daughter (visiting from Chicago until March) that we helped her get back into her house and she was praising Ken for his wood floor he put in. She said she really liked it. She did remember us and was happy to see us.

I had to have foot surgery on Friday – I went in to have the doctor check it out and he did surgery on it! So, I had my foot propped up for the day – I’m starting to walk on it now, nothing too serious.

We were very surprised about the devastation in The Villages in Lady Lake, FL – we had just visited that area last week – had received a tour of the area. WOW.

There are no volunteer groups here. The next group does not come in until spring break in March.

That is all until next week.


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Like the pic!! Flat Taylor is bound to be a hit!! Your are missing the best part of Erie winter!! Hee hee...

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