Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 24, 2007 UPDATE

Hi all – we have returned from our cruise – weather was beautiful. Of course, you never can go on a trip without some problems. We boarded and our itinerary had changed when we got out to sea. Our first stop was to be Freeport – one engine went out and we hobbled to Nassau (home port for the ship) for repairs. There were repairs done on ship while we were sailing – just enough to get us to port. The first day and half was spent “at sea”. The seas were quite rocky – the pursur told us her entire staff was sick from the high seas. Ken and I wore our ‘sea bands’ but Ken had to get a seasick pill and was okay after that point. One of our tablemates said they watched a couple cruise ships pass us by as though we were standing still. Needless to say, the noise from the one engine and the thrusters kicking in to keep us on course gave way to no sleep.

Our itinerary was flip-flopped around and when we got to Freeport, everything was closed and we spent only five hours there (we originally were to spend a whole day). We walked the clean, white pristine beach and enjoyed the weather and got a little sunburn. However, we did get to spend a full day in Nassau. We took two shore excursions – one was a historical tour of the city and the other was the Atlantis Aquarium and hotel. It was a beautiful Aquarium. In fact, there is a part of the hotel called the “Bridge” and it rents out for $25,000.00 per day and the minimum stay is a week!

I don’t need to mention anything about the food – anyone who has heard or gone on a cruise knows they are noted for their food – this was no exception! All the food was delicious and there was plenty to go around. Midnight buffets, pizza all night (24-7), ice cream all night, etc., etc.

We spent three days prior to our cruise with our son, Tim, and ate out every night enjoying the local cuisine. Tim is an avid surfer and we sat on the beach and took many pictures of him in the surf riding the waves. We were sorry to leave him. When you get this age you begin to cherish these memories more and wish you could turn back time and enjoy them again and again.

We are currently on our way to MS, but have stopped in Bradenton, FL to visit with my parents and my brother and his family and to have lunch with friends of ours from Girard – Gregg & Betsy Mitcho. We leave first thing in the morning (Thursday). Will update in about a week. Keep warm!

Julie & Ken


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