Friday, February 20, 2009

Ken made the front page of the Galveston News!

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Ken made the front page of the Galveston News...of course, they did not print what he had said, but here is proof he is working (as always).

I thought I would tell you a little about our little ‘family’ we have here at University Baptist. We share our evening meals and work side-by-side.

Bing & Punay: displaced by the Hurricane and have been living in one of the church offices. Their house had four feet of water in it, and it also lost the roof. However, the city of Galveston did not let anyone back onto the island for 12 days after the storm because there was no electricity or water. By that time Bing and his family returned home, mold had overtaken the entire house, and everything had to come out and was lost. This is the story of everyone here. Bing and his family have been staying in one of the church offices ever since and are hoping to be back in their home by March. Through all this adversity, the interesting thing is that he feels blessed to be living at the church for the last four months. He talked about how not having anything, not even a space to call their own, had forced them to rely on God even more.

Lee, their son, also lives at the church in one of the Sunday School rooms. He is the worship leader, plays the guitar and works on the Sunday program. The service is a contemporary service and about 50% of the church membership has yet to return.

Jesse, a stone mason by trade is here from Ft. Worth, TX. His business is slow at the moment, so he has volunteered his time down here. He goes home on weekends to visit his family and then returns the following Tuesday. He will be here only another month.

Tim & Jenn are a young couple that gave up everything and followed their calling to Galveston and have been thrown into the work force with the rest of us. They have been promised an RV for a year and are still waiting…hopefully this weekend.

Ruth, an older than me woman who lived in a condo that was completely destroyed. Contractors have been repairing her condo and have completed the roof and fixed the outside structural damage. In the next few days, they will be working on the inside of the place, meanwhile, Ruth lives in a FEMA trailer next to the church. Although these people have been displaced, everyone we’ve met has been very friendly and very grateful that we are here.

Jeff, from Florida, here as an electrician helping out in-between jobs. Previously a Baptist minister, ex-communicated because of divorce, is a wonderful piano player who plays by hearing and does not read music. I wish I could.

Glen: Jeff’s side-kick. Have not found out much about him – quiet, stays to himself and away from people.

Pastor Billy: Now here lies the story. His favorite line “Welcome to My World”. If you have a chance you MUST look up his video…it is a touching story! Go to A church (Jesse’s church near Fort Worth) followed Pastor Billy around for a couple of days and took this footage. It tells a lot. Pastor Billy and his wife, Dawn, have also been displaced. They are currently sharing a house with another couple and their four children about 25 miles from the church. Pastor Billy’s salary has been cut more than half because his congergation have not all returned to the church. Billy is trying to also manage the rebuilding of Galveston…just like Pastor David in Moss Point, MS. along with rebuilding his church.

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